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Need Mortgage Advice or a Broker In County Antrim & Ballymena?
If you’re looking for the best mortgage advice or a mortgage broker Ballymena & County Antrim area, north of Belfast, then you are at the right place, at Mortgage Options NI we are a highly qualified team of mortgage brokers and insurance protection experts and advisers, specialising in offering a wide range of financial mortgage services and mortgage advice.  
As a start, a good idea to see what’s happening with today’s housing and property market in Ballymena is to book an appointment and have a mortgage initial consultation with one of our mortgage advisers who will listen to your needs and set you on the right road with a piece of mind and the added protection of knowing you have received the best advice for your circumstances.
One question we do get asked is, do I need a broker, why not just go to a local bank to get a mortgage, yes for sure you can obtain a mortgage from your bank but you need to ask yourself a question,  with only a possible maximum of 4 different types of mortgages your bank can offer, do you think you are getting the best mortgage deal?
Here at Mortgage Options NI as brokers we have access to over 72 lenders and 13,000 mortgages deals and we have the time to go through them all to be sure we offer the best mortgage deal available, do you still want to ignore our services and just trust your bank, I think we have your attention now, furthermore we offer a free consultation
Home Buying and Moving Advisers 
We fully understand and appreciate as a customer, finding the right kind of mortgage to suit you can be a bit daunting with so many types of mortgages to choose from, with a time that suits you, just contact us, and our adviser will talk to you through the process pointing out the key features of each individual mortgage, some mortgages come with insurances and protection and some don’t, don’t worry we will offer advice on the best mortgage to suit your needs and requirements
Mortgages and Broker services we offer
With so many different types of mortgages, we are here to help you find what you’re looking for and to highlight acting as a mortgage advice bureau, we have listed below the mortgage advice we offer with a brief description with the view you will find our advice helpful and a mortgages initial consultation in our office
First Time Buyer Mortgages
As a first-time buyer, we should be your first port of call, here you will learn about the different types of mortgages we are able to offer, it’s a wonderful feeling collecting the keys for the first time for your new home, we are here to offer advice and guide you through the whole process, from mortgage advice, obtaining a mortgage to in time moving into your dream property.
Moving Property
Moving home is a stressful time that you will ever experience, when you have outgrown your present home and are looking for a new home our adviser can guide you through the whole process, from obtaining a new mortgage to getting the keys for your new home.
With our expert knowledge, we can assure you we will make the process seamless and hassle-free, turning a dream into a reality is what we excel at and are good at.
A remortgage is when you move from one home mortgage lender to another home mortgage lender whilst still retaining the property, we will be able to work with you regarding your existing mortgage, checking the terms and conditions.
Buy to Let
If you want to become a landlord and buy a property to let, with our advice you will be surprised it’s not as expensive as you probably thought, although the rules around buy-to-let are different than a typical residential mortgage, there are certain factors such as a higher deposit will be required by the lender and the maximum you will be able to borrow is linked to the expected rental return of the property, this is something we can offer guidance and work with you on the best options.
This has the benefit of helping people get on the property ladder with a mortgage or are looking for long-term investment by buying a share in a property, we too can offer this service, you can buy a share of whatever you can afford between 50% and 90% and we at Mortgage Options NI cover the rest.
A repayment mortgage is a popular choice for most borrowers as you’re paying off both the interest and capital at the same time.
Interest Only
This type of mortgage is a cheaper repayment option as you are only paying off the interest on the loan, at the end of the mortgage interest-only term you will need to pay off as a lump sum the balance owing.
If any of the above examples are of any interest to you, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly experienced mortgage advisor team members at our Ballymena Office.
Protection Insurance Advice Options
Mortgage Protection Insurance also known as MPI, is something well worth considering, although don’t get it mixed up with a typical life insurance policy which pays out the family if you die, a mortgage protection insurance works differently, the beneficiary will be the mortgage lender if you die, dependant on the limitations of the policy, some with cover the mortgages payments keeping your family in the home till full mortgage payments have been made, others only for a set time, they are many different options and insurance protection available, these different options our adviser can explain and offer advice and possible solutions so you fully understand. 
We can also advise on other mortgage insurances, such as Income Protection Insurance which protects your income enabling you to still pay your mortgage if unable to work through illness or an accident.
We work with the best-known and most reputable insurers not just in Ireland but also in South West England & South East England, Central England and the far reaches of Scotland, we compare the benefits and features of all these different insurers, making sure we get you the right plan to match any finance restraints you may have to comfortably afford insurance along with mortgage payments.
Get in Touch
If you need further help or information, just pick up a phone to contact us, call our office and talk to our knowledgeable mortgage adviser, who will happily answer any questions or queries you may have.